• massage oil

    CBD Oil For Massage- 5 Ways CBD Can Take Your Therapy To The Next Level.

    Whether you’re giving or receiving a massage, we know using an oil only helps to enhance the healing connection between hands and body. An oil massage allows for a soothing gliding motion that instantly provides relaxation and helps to restore the connection between body and mind. There are plenty of oils to choose from when it comes to massage, each having its own beneficial properties for specific conditions and skin types. However, choosing CBD oil for massage can be particularly beneficial, as CBD oil contains an array of therapeutic properties of its own. CBD oil has shown to provide real physical and mental relief and is commonly used for pain…

  • Relaxation

    CBD Oil Bath Bomb – A Wave Of Relaxation!

    Treating yourself to a bath is a wonderful way to relax and unwind from daily stresses, relieve aches and pains and just give yourself the pampering you deserve. Water holds so many healing properties, the array of benefits from taking a bath can enhance the overall health of both mind and body. The addition of a CBD oil bath bomb to your bath will only amplify all the benefits of hydrotherapy, providing maximum pain relief of muscles and joints, nourishment for your skin, as well as giving a wave of mental relaxation and clarity. A bath bomb, if you don’t already know is a sensational little ball of joy, once…