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Where To Buy CBD Oil Online- An Honest Guide

CBD oil is trending, purchasing CBD oil is becoming increasingly easier and easier, perhaps you can even find it at your local gas station down the street.

The problem is that CBD oil is not federally regulated. Unless you do your research about how the CBD oil is sourced and extracted its easy to be misguided. Often companies mislabel and mislead customers, which leads to inconsistent and inferior products.

Unless you live in a state where medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal, it’s probably a good idea to purchase your CBD online. You can find reputable transparent companies, who give you all the information. This guide will help you to decide where to buy CBD oil online, and what to look for on these websites.

The Dangers Of The Green Rush

If you haven’t already heard, CBD oil is a hot commodity right now. CBD oil is providing real relief for people and their pets. Ongoing research on this particular cannabinoid is continually showing the miraculous medicinal and therapeutic benefits it has to offer.

Due to consumer demand this a multimillion-dollar industry and everyone wants in on it, unfortunately, there are no consistent or specific regulations which leads to a wide range in the quality of products out there. It’s a problem when consumers are being misguided, paying top prices for inferior products and not gaining the full benefits.

If you are looking to gain the most benefits from CBD oil, it’s important to look for transparency in companies, and what guides and regulations they are following. There is no easier way to do this than online. Find out where to buy CBD oil online and have peace of mind in your purchase.

Is CBD Oil Right For You?

I know that the information can be overwhelming, doing the research, having to learn the different terms, the right dosing, and sorting through all of the companies to find one you can trust can be exhausting. Believe me when I say that I have been just as overwhelmed and question whether it was even worth it. But keep in mind that it won’t always be this way, cannabis has a lot of medicinal and therapeutic benefits to offer. The stigma is slowly fading away, and more research is being done, and all signs point to cannabis having countless medicinal benefits for practically anyone.

The CBD compound alone can benefit those suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, mood, pain, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, gut disorders, cancer, skin health, among many other maladies. CBD oil essentially helps to restore balance in the body, it finds where something is off and acts to correct it. This is truly medicinal, CBD oil helps to treat issues at the root, whereas modern medicine disguises the issue, giving a temporary fix and unfortunately causing other issues and often addiction.

If it is possible to treat a malady naturally with a safe, non-addictive medicine, I say why not. Cannabis is an ancient medicine used for thousands of years. Now that laws are changing and cannabis is becoming more accepted, scientists can research and harness it for its full potential.

Why Purchase Online

The days of strolling through stores are somewhat fading away, online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and with good reasons.

1. You can purchase products from the comfort of your own home. This saves time, gas and money. If you know what you want you can easily type it into a search engine and see the variety of options, prices, brands, and deals.

2. You can view full descriptions. Rather than purchasing a product, testing it out, then having to return it, doing your research can be very beneficial. The ease of researching a product online and all of its specifics can help you to decide whether it’s right for you at that moment. Saving you lots of time and money.

3. You can see other people’s reviews of the product. I would say about 99% of my purchases online rely solely based on average customer reviews. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to judge whether a product is worth the money. Unbiased opinions are the best type of recommendations and when you can see that a product has good reviews it makes for a more confident purchase.

4. You can find deals and coupons. Being able to compare prices and the best deals makes online shopping quite the bargain. Often companies will even give discounts, coupons, or free gifts just for signing up for a newsletter.

Buying CBD oil online has many benefits. You can compare prices, customer reviews and view the companies sourcing and extracting procedures as well as their lab test results for each batch of product. Dealing with the company directly allows for the best customer service and being up to date on their best deals.

What to look for in CBD oil

When comparing the different CBD companies, and believe me there are a lot of them out there, there are some essential requirements you should be looking for. To avoid being misguided by mislabeling it’s important to do your research, look for complete transparency so that you can get the most benefits and build trust. Here are a few key guidelines to keep in mind when looking for a CBD product.

1. Sourcing and Extraction– Look for CBD products that are sourced from American Grown Hemp, particularly from states that have medical or recreational cannabis, as these states have more strict regulations. Also, look for the extraction method used. Currently, the CO2 extraction method is deemed the best method, using no chemical solvents allows for a clean extraction, resulting in a product with more cannabinoids thus more medicinal benefits.

2. Whole Plant CBD RIch Extract vs CBD Isolate– If you are looking to gain the most therapeutic benefits from CBD, it’s important to look for products that encompass the whole plant. The entourage effect is when the whole plant works together maximizing the effects. Research has found that the compounds within the cannabis plant work best together in a synergistic fashion and provide the most benefits when combined. CBD isolate is not as strong as full-spectrum CBD and will not offer all the cannabinoids or all the benefits.

3. Third-Party Testing– Quality CBD companies will offer complete transparency, you should be able to view their third party testing lab results for each batch of product. There are no standardized testing procedures for CBD, without federal regulations companies can mislabel and misguide customers. Third-party testing offers customers peace of mind, having unbiased results helps give competing companies standards and regulations to uphold.

Where To Buy CBD Oil Online- My personal recommendations

These are suggestions of researched companies I have personally found to represent transparency and provide quality products. You can have a more in-depth look at these 5 quality companies I personally researched on my CBD Oil Reviews page.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you found this information useful and can find a reputable transparent company you can trust so that you may gain the most health benefits.

Please feel free to leave comments, do you have a personal favorite CBD company you like to purchase from online and why?

Affiliate Disclosure

“When you buy something from this website, I may receive an affiliate commission.

These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.

My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.

I never recommend poor quality products or create false reviews to make sales.

It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.”

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